Multi-talented barely describes this actress, singer, writer, producer, and director. Influenced as a young girl by her parents' Frank Sinatra collection, Tamela dreamed of becoming a jazz singer. Along the way to successful appearances in New York cabarets such as Feinstein's, she has produced independent feature films, CD's, and directed a television pilot.

While still a teenager, Michelle Stevens rose to the top of the modeling profession, appearing numerous times on Vogue, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan covers. A dream come true for a girl from Oklahoma who wanted to see the world. Until she met the love of her life and decided life in the country with him, surrounded by their children, friends, family, and a barn full of four legged pets were the ultimate in dream fulfillment. Now Michelle is watching her daughter Quincy, an aspiring ballerina, follow her dreams to wherever they may take her!

Flor thought her future lay in graphic design and marriage, but five years into her career her dreams changed. Now happily single and newly svelte, she is a manager at one of New York's largest Hispanic advertising agencies. Flor demonstrates the versatility women offer life - the ability to have more than one dream and achieve them all.

As a young girl, Esnavi loved fashion and dreamed of becoming a singer. With her recent appearances during New York's Fashion Week, a spread in Fashion Avenue News and a performance at the Apollo Theatre, Esnavi is well on her way to fulfilling her dreams.

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